simple steps to prepare the house for sale:

Thorough cleaning of all parts of the house. Tidy up all the rooms and remove too many objects, making the house as neutral as possible (less is more!). Small necessary renovations, perhaps postponed for too long, for example: painting ruined walls, fixing old fixtures, repairing damaged pipes, water leaks, light bulbs or switches that do not work. From inside to outside: maintain the garden and all green and open spaces. They will make you look great and, today more than ever, they represent an added value

These are just the basics, but consider that a professional in the sector would also resort to some home staging techniques . What is it about? It is the layout of the house, which allows you to enhance the qualities of an apartment, making it ecstatically similar to those environments that are seen in glamorous magazines. Few interventions, but targeted: in this way you will reduce sales times by immediately impressing the potential buyer. Selling house, evaluation of the sale price

Once the house is “prepared”, the most important aspect you will have to work on to sell a house privately is to fix the right selling price . A too subjective or off-market valuation is the main mistake of those who sell a house privately, without requesting a professional real estate valuation.

How is the right sale price established?

You have to weigh several factors. Here are the main ones: The location of the apartment and the real estate prices in its area.

The type of property you want to sell and its size in square meters.

The condition of the property (good, excellent, to be restored, new construction).

Number of rooms into which the apartment is divided.

Floor of the building and possible presence of a lift and concierge.

Presence of garden, balconies, verandas, open spaces.

Presence of cellar, garage and other appliances.

Energy class of the property

In order to develop a complete and objective real estate valuation, it is however recommended to rely on an expert real estate agent, who will take into consideration all the characteristics of the house and will carry out a marketing analysis based on real estate market data over the last six months. Our real estate valuation is completely free: you can request it online in just a few clicks.

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